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POWER SHAME is a tribute to the emotion of shame. A shameborn werewolf strives towards the longed-for act of liberation. It is a full moon. An Easter celebration ends in a massacre. What does shame do to a person? In a playful environment of virtual escapism, themes of (dis)connection and (un)worthiness are made visible in the inevitable struggle to make the right choices. Queerness rides on rage to unveil internalized shameful emotions – and dance becomes the drive for a subconscious journey to the hidden parts of one's personality. Shame is celebrated, crushed and rejected – but most of all exposed.


Concept / Choreography / Performance: Yannis Karalis


Dramaturgy: Dimitra Thomaidou, Petros Mandalos


Sound Design: Sakis Kleisiaris


Light and Space Design: Emilio Cordero Checa


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